End whining, sibling rivalry & back-talk! 
Join me for 7 days.

Eliminate kid chaos.  Stop yelling.  Love your life!
7 Days to Peace - It's FREE
YOU are an amazing parent, but wouldn't it be great to feel amazing too?
Wouldn't it be great to never doubt your parenting abilities...to never have to yell at the kids to get them to do what you want, to feel a loving life-long connection to your kids...and to start loving your life...your whole life?
Start living the life you set out to live...one step at a time! 
Come and hang out with me for 7 days where I will send you a new short video each day.  Easy, clear steps to success...find or get back peace in your home and joy in your life.
In 7 Days to Peace, you will learn how to:
End Whining
Get the kids to do what you want...without yelling!
Limit Sibling Rivalry
Get to the bottom of Back-Talk
Limit Screen-time and end arguments
Communicate better
Create a Peaceful Home full of joy
Join me - 7 Days to Peace
Everything you need for success is here...but guess what...if you stay on this same path, you will wake up one day and wonder where it all went wrong!  I don't want that for you...I want you to wake up loving your life, with kids that are capable and responsible, with laughter instead of yelling, and love instead of anger.  Join me for 7 days where we implement a new idea each day...and here's the thing...you know all this already...I am just here to remind you how incredible you are and how you have the power in you to make changes to your life that will echo through the generations.  Join me...7 days to peace is at your fingertips!  
Join for FREE - 7 Days to Peace
Because I love the parents I get to work with and I value your time, you will receive free downloads to help you follow along and make notes to refer back to!

My hubby and I are parents to four incredible people...a 20 year-old, a 17 year-old, and foster parents to 12-year-old twin boys. 
I am the creator of the New Parent Resource Guides and School Age Resource Guides that have been in print for 17 years so I can connect you with all the resources you need to raise happy, healthy kids. In 2018 we also created a quarterly online magazine called the Parent Guide Magazine.

  Creating these videos allow me to share tools and strategies that I have learned raising my kids, failing many times, learning and re-learning what kind of life I want, and realizing (sometimes a bit too late) that it is all up to me.

As a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I can share some valuable tips to set the groundwork now for a lifetime of connectedness to your family.  If you are a new parent with questions or a seasoned parent facing a difficult stage, this is for you.

With excitement to meet you,


Jennifer McCallum, Publisher and Founder, Parent Guide Inc. & Parent Guide Academy!

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